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Is your equipment where you need it? By using our our industrial dispensing machines, this question will never be asked again! Try our locker type machines for increased safety. Dispense, return, and swap used or undesired tools and equipment for new ones – with our machines everything is possible!

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Our Products

Helix type machines - SavePro Family

IVM’s flagship vending machine is designed to deliver immediate cost-reduction. Take the first step in optimizing your last meter logistics!

Locker type machines - The SaveBox System

SaveBox lets you store and dispense small and mid-sized items, tools, or equipment in a controlled way. Want to create a unique system? Design your custom SaveBox configuration!


Carousel type machines - SaveSpring

SaveSpring is our “all-in-one” machine that addresses the reservation, dispensing, renting/sharing, and return functions of up to 540 unique items.


SaveRent is a solution using the concept of sharing. Why should you keep an excess level of inventories of tools and equipment when you can share it among your peers?

The SaveFlex

SaveFlex is a solution combining multiple functionalities. Dispense and return, crowned by the ability to swap used or undesired tools or equipment for new ones!


SaveReTurn enables your company to selectively recollect used and contaminated items, creating a controlled and closed system for life/use cycle management.


SaveStore is a Smart Container Solution designed primarily for the construction industry, supplied with a selection of IVM machines of your choice.

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Savelog and Save UI

SaveLog runs as the core software on multiple machines in various divisions of your company, allowing you to enact every desired benefit that a corporate-level integrated solution can offer.

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An intelligent terminal powered by SaveLog, SaveTerminal lets your employees request tools and assets as they are needed. Deliver them back to the warehouse for pick-up or collection.


Hardware accessories let you solve stock management challenges or technical issues in a unique way, enabling the use of IVM’s products in areas you may not have thought about.


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Discover how customizable industrial vending machines help you deliver better results and keep total control of your TCO.

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“In SKODA AUTO the vending machine SavePro is used for vending accessories for business mobile phones. Thanks to this machine, we were able to speed up the process of delivering the goods to the users and by settings limits, we have removed the administrative burden of superior employees. The solution from IVM was selected due to the use of the API interface, which allows automatic updates of users data and resultant exports to accounting systems.”

Jiří Karbulka, Mobile devices users IT support, SKODA

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