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manufacturing industry

A manufacturing undertaking is any business which uses raw materials, parts, and components for the assembly of finished products. It covers different business sectors such as: transportation, fast moving consumer goods, electronics, computers, chemical industry, industrial equipment, building materials, oil & gas, food production. We are not just offering generalized services but provide a solution to the exact pain points.  Increase employee productivity, lower risk and maintain employee safety and compliance with our tool vending machines.
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Access to critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for the safety of healthcare workers and patients. We provide 24/7 immediate access to these critical PPE, like face masks, scrubsuit supplies all while keeping track of your inventory so you never come up short when you most need them. We know availability and traceability are of paramount importance, so that you know where your assets are and who has taken them from the machine.
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ICT industry 

It is about the software that controls the vending machines. We make sure your work will never grind to a halt. Both employers and employees enjoy automated solutions that help remove barriers while improving productivity and employee satisfaction.


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