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A solution that offers increased efficiencies in virtually any industry, any sector for corporates aiming at addressing their last meter logistics.

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We deliver benefits to both the management and operational level


We apply system thinking when tackling customer’s pain points


We build on the past but look into the future to help you change the way you think of “last meter logistics”

Do you operate in one of the following industries?

Agriculture, Automotive, Chemical Industries, Commerce, Construction, Education, Financial Services, Health Services, Mechanical and Electric Engineering, Mining, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas production, Postal and Telecommunication Services, Public services, Pulp and Paper Industry, Shipping, Supply Chain, Textiles, Transportation, Utilities (water, gas, electricity)

So, IVM definitely has something to offer you!

IVM’s solutions and products are widely used by happy customers across various industries, so when we are about to co-develop a solution for you, we’ll bring in use case examples and best practices. However, we’ll never overlook that every case, every RFP is different, therefore we’ll always make a unique solution proposal to you.

Are you in any of the following sectors? IVM, being an independent technology provider, will cooperate with you keeping one objective in the focus: increase efficiency!

MRO - Maintenance, Repair and Operations

MRO items, C-parts, and the related hand tools or machinery, electric or battery-powered equipment in most cases represent high(er) value hence the more optimal their use or utilization is the higher the benefits are.

Designed specifically for both the suppliers and the users of the MRO items, IVM caters to various needs irrespective of the business segment you operate in.

ICT – Information and Communications Technology

The solutions IVM offers in the field of micrologistics perfectly cater for the needs of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) needs, as the physical solutions, the vending machines, and the other machines, especially the SaveReturn, designed for the selective recollection of items – be them contaminated items or electronic waste – as well as the functions offered by the proprietary SaveLog system, deliver a system thinking based approach to tackle efficiency issues, as well as the prevailing aim to increase user experience.


A distinct, yet natural area, where IVM offers tangible value to its customers is the Healthcare segment.

Supporting human contact-free vending of items - especially important in the time of the current pandemic - as well as the multiple other solutions that range from storing, disbursing, renting/sharing non-core medical devices, recollecting contaminated items, etc. create a closed-loop: life-cycle/use cycle management with special focus on the environment, health, and safety.

On top of that, the positive economic impact on the operating costs is highly appreciated by the financing authorities and the governments.

Safety/PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Safety first!

IVM has the largest market share in and hence the deepest understanding of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) segment.

Operating hundreds of SavePro vending machines as well as other types for special-need customers, we are able and capable of consulting you in finding the most efficient way to distribute PPE items.

PPE has never been more important than in recent times, hence even the smallest step of optimization can help end-users to save considerable sums.

Directly with you or together with your preferred PPE supply chain partner, we find the optimum setup and power the system of efficient micro-logistics for you to the benefit of both.

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