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We understand and provide practical, pragmatic, and powerful solutions for the challenges our customers face on a daily basis. Our success as a vending machines manufacturer depends on our robust software which is packed with tailor-made solutions in stock management, continuous desire for development and releases of new solutions. Being adaptive in an ever-changing market is the key to our success. Let us show you our solutions in action through our case studies!


Case Studies

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Complex hardware solution for healthcare purposes

We received an interesting inquiry in the spring of 2019 requested by one of our distribution partners in the Czech Republic. They are selling special items for medical usage and they asked for a quote on the possibility of implementing vending machines in the largest hospital in Prague.

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Smart usage, huge savings

One of our clients, Elmas was facing a big consumption of welding equipment consumables, cutting and grinding discs, while they also had many projects and couldn’t trace exactly what is used in each project. They needed a simple and trackable solution.  

Solution in Safety Equipment Management

Solution in Safety Equipment Management

We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with Dräger Safety, a renowned global player in safety technology, focusing on optimizing stock management within their customer´s, US STEEL Košice Safety & Security Department.

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More tools for the best possible results

One of our end users is a multinational investment bank with several offices in the world turn to us to help with the tracking and limitation of the usage office supplies among their employees. 

The solution for them was a bit complex that’s why we offered them more machines to solve the problem.

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Love at first usage- the success story of SaveRing

The company is one of the most efficient producers of electrolytic aluminum and aluminum alloys in the world  reached out to us looking for a precise, efficient way of PPE distribution

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Process management at its finest

Our partner is a medium-size SW and ICT company in Germany, an important player in the market for over 30 years with more than 300+ employees. They approached us in spring 2020 for a solution regarding the possibility of implementing vending machines for their key account, a global telecommunication company in Germany. 

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Wood processing is a dangerous business, vending machines help ensure safe working conditions

In the first phase, we installed a PPE vending machine, the SavePRO model, and the benefits were immediately visible.

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