SaveFlex is a solution combining multiple functionalities. Dispense and return, crowned by the ability to swap used or undesired tools or equipment for new ones! 

Key Benefits


Evenly distributed workload for various departments


Human contact-free safe solution


Customizable and flexible way of micrologistics

The SaveFlex

Welcoming new colleagues for their induction? Need to have a laptop or a phone or any other electric hand tool replaced by the IT or Operations department? Aiming to meet the needs of home-based colleagues in maintaining safety? Ideal for HR, IT, and operations departments, SaveFlex caters to multiple use cases in various industries.


Touch Free Access

SaveFlex allows virtually touch-free access to items assigned to personal use at any time of the day. Once the item is placed into the chosen locker, a message is sent to the peer to collect the item.


Swap Functionality

The Swap functionality permits the users to return an item and collect a new/maintained/updated/repaired one or a fully charged battery-operated item with personal settings already uploaded and synchronized. 

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Product Examples

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PC peripherals







repair kit 1


What Does We Offer

Safe and human contact-free and simple dispensing, rent/share, return, or exchange of items 24/7.

The evenly distributed workload of IT, maintenance, or HR departments.

The ability of scheduling tool and equipment repair contributing to employee happiness.

Logging and documenting transactions and the ability to register small asset whereabouts.


The monitoring via a local network, distant diagnostics, and data-access allows smart repair, replacement and other decisions to be taken.

The modular setup and the variable-size lockers allow designing optimal SaveFlex configuration thereby increasing the types of tools and equipment to be managed through SaveFlex.


Built-in power supply and LAN connectors in all lockers (optional, but ideal for ICT segment use).


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