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Are you looking for a fruitful partnership with an expert vending machine partner? Search no more! Become our partner and enjoy a wide range of benefits!

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Becoming our partner goes hand in hand with several benefits:


Expanding your business into new markets / customer segments


Creating a comprehensive package of products and services

Reducing the cost of acquiring new customers

Creating a stronger connection with your clients

We can help eliminate problems by providing solutions for asset management, while also dealing with inventory control, analyzing consumption as well as predicting future trends. Enjoy a strategic partnership with us and reduce your Total cost of ownership (TCO) in a smart way!

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We are proud to have built successful projects and solutions together with our partners all over the world:

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“We chose IVM and we were right! We have been working together for over 7 years and we would not want to change that. Thanks to IVM machines, it was easier to secure our relationship with customers and to have a considerable advantage over competitors. IVM machines have proven to be reliable and superior to other vending machines, therefore, we never regret the choice we’ve made.”


“One of the main reasons why we chose IVM is due to the reliability of the machines and their very short response time in the case of any service. They allow us to provide to our customers the continuity of production by delivering MRO or PPE items always on time. Also, the range of products and services that IVM offers can satisfy the needs of any customer!”

Sebastian Strete

Director General, Romsafe Trade SRL

Francisc Marculeac

Key Account Manager, Brammer Romania Sr

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