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Creating sustainable efficiencies in Micrologistics

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We deliver benefits to both the management and operational level


We apply system thinking when tackling customer's pain points


We build on the past but look into the future to help you change the way you think of "last meter logistics"

About IVM

IVM Co. Ltd., an independent European supplier of micro-logistics solutions offers increased efficiencies on both the operational and corporate levels. With its proprietary SaveLog System, last meter logistics of C-parts, PPE, medical supplies, or ICT tools and equipment has never been easier, smoother, and more traceable.

Catering for different industries from automotive to oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, construction, etc, IVM’s end-to-end vending, dispensing and recollection solutions offer ease of use, customization, integration, and much more!

Optimize access to small-sized high-value items or consumables by offering 24/7 availability that is virtually human contact-free. Reduce consumption through our controlled/monitored micro-distribution systems, capable of offering up to even 20-40% cost reduction.

Start Saving time and enjoy the benefits of improved processes relating to administration and reordering.

Prepare for smart pre-purchasing decision making by analyzing consumption and doing the required benchmarking across your different locations, facilities, or branches.

The operators of the 2500+ machines in 400+ locations in 23 countries in Europe, South-Africa, UAE, and Singapore are already drawing these benefits. Why should you hesitate to give us a call and start co-developing the very solution you need?

Our Values


Open and Embracing

We are open to new insights, approaches and opinions. We embrace change, new thechonogies and new way of doing things.


Proactive and Creative

We initiate and provide creative solutions to overcome difficulties and seemingly unresolvable issues.


Transparent and trustworthy

We beleive in open communication with partners and clients. We live up to our promises and expect others to do so.





Environmental Awareness

The ultimate value that we deliver, the decreasing consumption by virtue of installing even 1 machine as part of a project has its inherent, often unnoticed environmental implication: the reduction of items ending up in landfills.

This is what we have been delivering ever since launching IVM.

10 years later, we set out specific objectives to manufacture products and offer you complex solutions in the next 5 years to lower the environmental impact of what you do and how you organize your last meter logistics.

We took this conscious decision by launching our Environmental Line, the first member being SaveReTurn, the machine that is designed for the selective recollection of contaminated items, while the other one is the SaveRent/SaveShare concept making it possible to purchase and manage small and mid-size tools and equipment in a more environmentally conscious manner.

We are enthusiastic about widening this portfolio for you, and for the environment…

The IVM Story

IVM, established in November 2010 with the funding of a venture capital company to fill a market gap to provide an efficient solution in the manufacturing industry segment, released its first in-house developed software powering a helix-type vending machine in 2011.

As the founders set up an ambitious objective, whereby in five years, IVM should become the market leader in the industrial vending machine market in Central-Europe, the investment into product and market development was and has been continuous.

The initial success of the Save Pro 1 vending machine, led to the development of SavePro2, which, by today, became the flagship product, powered by SaveLog, IVM’s proprietary software. The portfolio has gradually been extended, encompassing the SaveBox, the SaveRing, the SaveFlex, and the SaveReTurn, thus by today, we offer 17 products and solutions to facilitate creating efficiencies in micrologistics.

Over the years, close cooperation with numerous partners – known today as distribution channel partners, who are the supply chain partners of multiple end-users – was built, however, the number of our direct partners (end-users) has become sizeable as well. Today, IVM machines are in operation at 400+ End-User locations in 25+ countries on 3 continents.

What does the future hold for us?

IVM has been committing resources to organizational and talent development, R&D ever since its launch. We will continue doing so in the years to come! The ISO 9001 certification received in 2019 recognized IVM’s efforts to standardize quality and processes, which we regard as the prerequisites for increasing quality and agility. Most recently, a trading office in Nurnberg, Germany was opened to get even closer to our customers across Europe.

We, the IVM team will continue working hard to serve you better and quicker – with a bit of human touch!


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