SaveLog and Save UI

SaveLog runs as the core software on multiple machines in various divisions of your company, allowing you to enact every desired benefit that a corporate-level integrated solution can offer. 

What we offer

Our proprietary software, SaveLog, is a common platform for operating all of our vending machines and other solutions in the product portfolio. 

Continuously developed and fine-tuned since its launch in the early 2010s, it allows users to manage the core database (including employees, user database, access rights, configuration, notifications, alerts, reports) as well as operating the different functions (vend, swap, return, rent/share. etc.).

Long term benefits

The SaveLog software regularly communicates with the vending machines and other solutions, automatically synchronizing transactions. The successful transactions and actions are logged in the event log in a secure environment. 

No past record can be deleted from the system, allowing traceability and tracking – even historically. 

No special IT knowledge is required to use SaveLog. The users (your colleagues) will encounter an extremely “easy-to-use” method; an Employee ID card or a PIN code can be used for easy identification. The machines are equipped with a PIN pad or touch screen, allowing users to follow instructions in over 25 languages. 

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