Case Study

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Case study

One of our clients, Elmas was facing a big consumption of welding equipment consumables, cutting, and grinding discs, while they also had many projects and couldn’t trace exactly what is used in each project. They needed a simple and trackable solution.



Our aim was to provide a traceable option that can be a big help in reducing consumption.


SavePro was proposed for storing and dispensing all the consumables. On top of this, the project codes, sorted out the consumption per each project. 

For our client there was a combination of software and hardware in order to try to solve their problemWe implemented one SavePro and shortly after another one. All cutting, grinding, and welding tools are now released to the employees through our machines. 

Using the project codes was a big success as they could now see exactly how much consumables were used for each project. We used the mandatory selection meaning that the product was not released until the project code was selected on the display. 



Instant 40% savings achieved. 


Products were never out of stock grace to the minimum level alerts of our system. 


Automatic consumption reports made stock management a lot easier.


Traceability to the last detail for each transaction.

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