Case Study

Love at first usage- the success story of SaveRing


Case study

The company is one of the most efficient producers of electrolytic aluminum and aluminum alloys in the world. They have been operating in Slovenia for more than 60 years and are among the 15 biggest exporters, they have 1300 employees working in their facilities.  

 Our collaboration with this company started in September 2018 when they reached out to us looking for a precise, efficient way of PPE distribution. Working in such a dangerous environment makes the PPE usage of the employees the most important factor of safety and the proper administration and distribution of these goods has not been organized well in the past. 




Our client wanted to track all the PPE transactions and movements in order to make sure that employees use the needed protection and also to make the new stock orders in time. 


The first decision as they have never used vending machines before was to install a SavePro2 and a SaveBox even though they were very interested in the usage of SaveRing. After 5 months of rental, they have decided to buy the first two machines, because they could clearly see the benefits of them. In September 2019 they came to visit IVM where they had the chance to see and try the SaveRing machine as well. They were immediately very enthusiastic about the solution and decided to use it for the distribution of MRO products in their production line. All the contact people have been very collaborative and professional during the project preparation so after all the alignments we could install in January 2020 the first SaveRing machine in Slovenia. 



The first installation of SavePro and SaveBox was very successful, as the customer decided to buy the machines after 5 months.  


 Significant saving on PPE product usage and the most important for them is that they can exactly track the usage of these products in the case of each and every employee individually.


There was no more shortage of PPE because of the delayed orders from suppliers, using the automatic reports the client knew exactly what and when to purchase.


The tracking of MRO products helped their purchasing scheduling and also reduced the usage of them.

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