Case Study

Complex hardware solution for healthcare purposes


Case study

We received an interesting inquiry in the spring of 2019 requested by one of our distribution partners in the Czech Republic. They are selling special items for medical usage and they asked for a quote on the possibility of implementing vending machines in the largest hospital in Prague.

Our client had difficulties marketing special textile products for surgical purposes – such as pants or shorts- to the medical staff and it was almost impossible to track and control the usage of these items. That was the point our service came into picture.



Our main goal was to provide full access and traceability for the medical team to the special textile products.


The project was divided into two parts, where all the automatic supplies were installed by the end of July and the end of October. We offered our SP2 and SaveBox machines with scales and special containers and also created a joint project group between our partner, (2 people) and IVM (3 people) to be able to prepare all the details in the most professional way.

The installation was done in several steps and was finished within 3 months in Q1 2018.

Our success was based on these pillars:

  1. Providing complex software and hardware solution for medical items
  2. Scaling solution with special holders for textile purpose
  3. Fast reaction on the re-configuration needs of the client
  4. Very pro-active project management team with our main channel partner



Full traceability and reports on all items, staff, and departments of the hospital.


Reconfiguration of the machines with new medical devices to meet the exact needs of the different departments.


Our channel partner secured his client’s business for 3+ years


Altogether we placed 4 units of SP2, 3 units of SaveBoxSmart and 8 units of SaveBox with scales.

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