Case Study

Wood processing is a dangerous business, vending machines help ensure safe working conditions


Case study

HS Timber Group is an international wood processing company with Austrian family roots. The science/knowledge and experience of woodworking has been passed down from generation to generation in the family for over 400 years. The HS Timber Group has grown into an international company and now it is a Vienna-based holding company. The employee number is around 3,500 people in Austria, Germany, Romania and Finland. Its main activity is wood processing, but it is also a major player in the international timber trade and in bioenergy production. Products processed in six production plants in Romania, Finland and Germany are exported to more than 70 countries worldwide.

The Group is currently building a sawmill in the province of Corrientes, Argentina, together with joint venture partner Forestcape.



Occupational health and safety is a priority for HS Timber Group’s operations.

To the detriment of actual working time, workers spent too much time walking back and forth to the warehouse to select and carry the right protective equipment.


In the first phase, we installed a PPE vending machine, the SavePRO model, and the benefits were immediately visible.


    • We can track the use of each piece of protective equipment.
    • It is quick and easy to check that each worker has the correct and safe equipment.
    • Thanks to detailed reports, we were able to quantify the savings in a short period of time.

Subsequently, we installed four additional vending machines in all HS Timber Group’s production plants in Romania, so that all our employees can benefit from the advantages of the automatic equipment and work in a safe and secure environment.

The vending machines reinforce our corporate values of precision and maximum efficiency in our company processes.



The first installation of SavePro was very successful immediately. We installed four additional vending machines.


Significant saving on PPE product usage. Thanks to detailed reports, we were able to quantify the savings in a short period of time.


The tracking of products helped their purchasing scheduling and also reduced the usage of them.

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