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Case study

One of our end users is a multinational investment bank with several offices in the world, one of the largest banks of France and of Europe as well. It has been founded in 1864 and nowadays it has 146.000 employees in total.

We got to this customer through one of our channel partners operating in the ICT sector. The solution for them was a bit complex that’s why we offered them more machines to solve the problem: they started to use our SavePro3, before switching to the newer version of SavePro4 and added SaveFlex as well as using SaveLog for administration.



The main pain point to be solved was the tracking and limitation of the used office supplies among their employees. They experienced a big consumption of headphones, mice, batteries, and chargers because people requested new items every time, they left them at home, or they just thought a new piece would be nicer to have.  


The project started with a pilot period of 4 months where we installed a SavePro3 machine. The project manager was so satisfied with the reaction of his colleagues and saw the benefits of the machine that after the pilot period they signed for a 3 years rental contract. In the meantime, we came out with the new SavePro4 machine that our channel partner introduced to the end user as well. They decided to change their first machine to the new model, to add also a SaveFlex to it and even to extend to 2 other offices. 



In September 2019,  SavePro4s with 1 SaveFlex were installed in 2 steps in 3 offices.


Because of the extremely big database (ca. 60.000 employees) they decided to use our SaveCloud solution were used.


Using IVM’s solution for accessory distribution, helped to decrease costs immediately. 


The IT desk’s workload decreased as well, as the client was spending time with accessory requests and distribution, they just use SaveLog for administration instead.  

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