Case Study

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Case study

Our partner is medium-size SW and ICT company in Germany, an important player in the market for over 30 years with more than 300+ employees. They approached us in spring 2020 for a solution regarding the possibility of implementing vending machines for their key account, a global telecommunication company in Germany. 

Their client was faced with issues in process management of supplying ICT items on a daily basis to the employees, which was too complicated, too costly, and not fast enough (lasting up to 5 working days for getting a new keyboard or other ICT items). We wanted to provide a quick and effective solution to their problem.



Our main goal was to improve the process management, make it more cost-effective, and speed up the processes 


We offered our carousel vending solutions “SaveRing” with transparent windows and we established our clear project management for final configuration, stickering, IT connectivity. 

The installation project was relatively smooth and only a few adaptions in configuration and setting were needed to perform in the testing phase, where our partner went on a roadshow and visited 10 locations of their client in 10 different cities in Germany.   

Our success was based on these pillars: 

  1. Providing complex software and hardware solution for ICT items. 
  2. Fast reaction on the re-configuration needs of the client.
  3. A customized and flexible solution meeting their in-house needs precisely.



The daily need of distributing ICT Equipment to his employees 24/7; full traceability and reports for every ICT withdrawal (e.g. item/employee, allocation to cost center, etc.)   


The End-user is very satisfied with our customized offered solution and wants to roll out our joint solution in the second half of 2020 and later in 2021 within the entire group in Germany in over 10 locations.


New solutions (e.g. SP4 and SaveFlex – originally not requested), as well as our new Software improvements (SaveLog5) a modular, cloud-based solution to be launched in Q1 2021. 

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