Asset Utilization

Optimize your asset usage and tool life cycle while avoiding the purchase of excess inventory

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Why invest in buying multiple identical items, when their utilization per employee is far below the optimum? 

Share and swap them across the organization, free-up capital expenditure, or reduce rental/lease costs by managing tools and small equipment in a smart way. All your colleagues need to do is to reserve an item, collect them from an IVM machine when needed, and use them, then return them after use. 

Keeping track of use and life cycle of equipment provides significant head start in scheduling maintenance, timely replacement of toolsas well as better management of bulk orders to save cost and time. Avoid excess purchases and manage your stock smartly by using SaveLog and enjoying its benefits. 

As we aid you in transforming your asset utilization through the concept of “Sharing Economy”, your company will become more conscious both environmentally and economically! 


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Share items on-demand.

Better life/use cycle management.


Let go of excess stocks of small items.


Enjoy the benefits of a robust tool and equipment booking system via SaveLog.

Enact highly efficient asset management policies that ultimately increase productivity across the entirety of production.

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