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IVM has been rewarded with the National Award of “Quality Innovation 2023”

Budapest, October 12, 2023 – IVM, a trailblazer in the field of vending machine technology, is proud to announce its prestigious win in the “Quality Innovation 2023” competition, receiving the esteemed Award in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises category for developing a revolutionary medication dispenser for hospitals. This accolade underscores IVM’s dedication to innovation and excellence in revolutionizing last-meter logistics, enhancing safety, and optimizing efficiency in any fields.

The award-winning product from IVM is a modular, decentralized medication dispenser, expertly supported by artificial intelligence (AI). An international team, led by a distinguished English hardware development engineer, collaborated tirelessly on this groundbreaking project. The contributions of esteemed researchers and professors from the Pannon University along with the dedicated IVM software development team, were instrumental in its success.

The primary aim of this innovative automated system is to secure 100% patient safety, eliminate medication errors, and ensure controlled access to medicines within hospital environments, or elderly homes. This cutting-edge system enables access to medicines for authorized personnel, streamlining the healthcare supply chain, and providing comprehensive, demand-driven reporting and statistical insights. The National Award qualifies IVM to participate in the international round of the competition. IVM is committed to showcasing Hungarian innovation on the global stage and contributing to the advancement of logistics and safety solutions worldwide.

In summary, IVM National Award win in the “Quality Innovation 2023” competition is a testament to their dedication to redefining the rules of last meter logistics. The modular, decentralized, AI-assisted automated medication dispenser represents a significant leap toward enhancing patient safety and optimizing healthcare logistics. This recognition positions IVM as a pioneering force in the health care industry, while also emphasizing Hungary’s status as an innovation hub for cutting-edge solutions in logistics and safety. The company extends heartfelt gratitude to all team members for their outstanding contributions to this remarkable achievement as they set their sights on the global competition.