Project Management

Let us share the burdens of your micrologistics transformation project. Our Solutions Consultants can help in every phase, guiding and easing the transformation. 

What we offer

With a clear focus on meeting the needs of the multiple stakeholders involved in a typical micrologistics transformation project, our Solutions Consultants can take the lead to guide you through the entire process. 

We assess requirements on both corporate level (KPIs, inter-departmental objectives, etc.) and operational levels (what is to be vended, re-collected, managed, etc.). We prefer involving both end-users as well as their supply chain partners to consider the various needs each involved party may have. 

Key benefits

In response to the challenges created by COVID-19, IVM supports you throughout a project via online meetings, including the very professionals needed at a certain phase of a project. 

The streaming of tailor-made product and solution demonstration directly from the central showroom, as well as with various remote installation options backed up by our technicians and Customer Service Support via Teams (or Zoom).

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Contact us if you need someone to guide you through the entire process! 

What You Get



Evaluating and harmonizing needs and objectives.



Co-designing a solution and ensuring that each stakeholder’s need and goals are aligned with the solution.


Providing professional assistance in the implementation of the micrologistics transformation.



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