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What we offer

Our experiences indicate that the most successful projects that sought to create more efficient micrologistics were all co-designed by the end-user, their dedicated supply chain partner if any and IVM.

We can start cooperating as early as the project definition phase and then throughout the implementation and execution phases, too. However, our cooperation does not stop there!

Long term benefits

After the project has been completed successfully, we can help with periodic consultancy services throughout the life cycle of the machines to evaluate user experiences and finetune the solution in order to meet your ever-changing operational aspects.

Share the scope of the BPR or automation project you wish to launch and discuss the objectives and KPIs with us. We will help you select and enact the solution that serves your business the best and achieves greater efficiency by finetuning your last meter logistics processes.

Future opportunities

Supply Chain Partner

If you are the supply chain partner of your end-user, we can explore opportunities on how to reduce distribution costs, automate your logistics, gain incremental market share, and increase customer satisfaction through total control about the TCO.

We advise including representatives of all stakeholders of your organizations as early as the project initiation. By letting them share their expectations, goals, objectives, and success criteria, we can calculate expected ROI with greater precision and measure how the actual ROI is taking shape as the project is implemented. IVM’s approach supports lean, Kaizen, and 5S initiatives.


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Discover how customizable industrial vending machines help you deliver better results and keep total control of your TCO.

What We Offer


Customized solutions

Co-designing customized, high impact solutions.


True efficiency

Adopting lean and Kaizen efficiency.

Success Strategy

Developing a sound success management strategy.

Processes Improvement

Finetuning your last meter logistics processes.

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