IVM’s systems have always facilitated human contact-free transactions

While COVID19 poses enormous challenges to numerous businesses across the globe, included in the DNA of IVM is the concept of Human contact-free vending, dispensing, recollection, asset management. We have mastered it to a level, which can now be leveraged in order to offer increased protection to your peers. Happy customers, from hospitals to corporates can confirm the above!

Vending PPE and more

IVM’s products and solutions become strategic in protecting your employees. Masks and other personal protective equipment can safely be vended from our flagship SP machines, allowing human contact-free disbursement in a trackable and traceable manner.

The Save Box, the SaveRing, the SaveFlex, allowing swapping of items, the SaveReturn, designed for the selective recollection of used or contaminated items, as well as other solutions, increase the safety of your office personnel.

Place them into lobbies or foyers of office buildings and offer the 24/7 availability of virtually any item (IT, ICT) to your staff to minimize queues in front of the IT department or where such items can or should be collected. Minimize the need for human contact! Let your peers use their corporate ID Cards to manage transactions!

Increases safety in hospitals and healthcare institutions

Scrub suits, surgical or visitor scrubs, dresses, gloves, masks, medical devices – the list to be managed in an IVM product is practically endless!

Handle your key and essential assets or consumables in a purpose-made IVM product or solution.

Contact an IVM solution expert to fix installation in as little as 3-4 working days (conditions apply)!