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At IVM we rewrite the rules of industrial vending. With our help, your customers will increase productivity, cut costs, and improve inventory control! What else is needed for a good deal?

What we are about

Vending business 

There is an entire world of vending options that serves a greater purpose than vending soft drinks. We provide a complete game changer for your company:

Industrial vending machines that dispense materials directly to your employees.

We offer a wide range of solutions to cover all your inventory management needs.

How it works

The concept 

The concept of smart vending is pleasingly simple: allow employees to work smarter and faster by providing point-of-use inventory management for industrial supplies and giving them instant and secure access 24/7 to the tools they need. We deliver cost saving, increased productivity and streamlined access to critical data all at once. Save time and let us to transform your workplace, one supply at a time!

End users

Are you looking to achieve industrial efficiency and productivity? With the help of IVM, it’s easy to ensure that tools, parts, and materials that are essential for the production process are stocked up, accessible, manageable and tracked.

We can help eliminate these problems by providing solutions for asset management, while also dealing with inventory control, analyzing consumption as well as predicting future trends.


We help our partners solve problems related to inventory management such as consistent tracking, warehouse efficiency, or even inaccurate data, as well as supply chain complexity & insufficient processes. Our goal is to maintain safety stocks and improve the communication between departments. A partnership with IVM can:


Expand our partner's business into new markets or customer segments


Create a comprehensive package of products and services

Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers and create a stronger connection with your clients

What we offer


Using our services, you will enjoy the benefits we provide for your efficiency-related issues of last meter logistics. We offer plenty of unique systems and solutions, customized to meet all your needs, powered by one proprietary management system: SaveLog. We can help you bring the best out of your company with asset management, micrologistics, and life cycle management.

How we help


Vending machine manufacturing was the core business when we launched IVM. We believe that with our expertise and machines we can solve all your problems. Amongst our different machines you will find:

SavePro: Our flagship machine

SaveRing: Our all-in-one machine


Locker type safety machines

Why choose us?

Being an innovative and passionate player in industrial vending, our mission is to transform workplaces by placing those critical tools and supplies within arm’s reach of the people who use them every day, while offering increased efficiency on both operational and corporate levels.

Our goal is to build on past successes whilst looking into the future to develop new solutions that help customers achieve better last meter logistics. We are your stock keeper that never sleeps.

Our clients

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“With IVM Vending Solutions we are able to fulfill some of our customer needs with regards to the flexible supply of products. It provides the optimal solution of flexible product supply, cost control, 24/7, and automated integration of reordering. Another step for us and our customers into the area of automation and digitalization.”


“Why choose IVM? Because they are professionals! A project with vending machines does not only mean the physical machine, it incorporates a lot of know-how that makes the machines functional, customizing them according to the client’s needs. And the support offered by IVM both before and after installation makes them a reliable partner!”

Thomas Höllbacher

Director of Marketing, BERNER GES.M.B.H.

Aurelia Maria Pop

Director Comercial, ARMOS Services

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