Case Study

A Journey from Challenge to Solution in Safety Equipment Management


Case study

We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with Dräger Safety, a renowned global player in safety technology, focusing on optimizing stock management within their customer´s, US STEEL Košice Safety & Security Department.

Employees as well as external suppliers of US STEEL Košice use top-notch breathing apparatuses, which are categorised into three distinct types, each designed to cater to specific safety needs in different operational scenarios. They have needed a sophisticated vending machine system to manage this crucial safety inventory, ensuring efficient stock control and ready availability of these essential devices.



The biggest challenge has been the fact that US STEEL Košice uses 3 different categories of products that require a sophisticated approach to inventory management in order to provide the best possible service to our users.

The first category of breathing apparatuses is used for welding in gas hazard environments by trained, medically competent employees who have passed a gas mask suitability test.

The second category, also used by such employees, is designed for general work in gas hazard environments.

The third category is meant for escape situations and is available to both employees and external suppliers.

Managing an inventory of 155 boxes for around 1,200 users with an average daily output of 110 devices reflects the scale of our safety-focused operations.


However, with meticulous planning and an unwavering commitment to safety, we have risen to the challenge. We ensure the optimal organization and allocation of these vital safety devices, upholding our pledge to prioritize safety and security in all our operations.

Our solution’s Main benefits:

  • checking the validity of the employee’s eligibility – automatically (previously by employee)
  • dispense of breathing apparatus to an employee – automatically (previously by employee)
  • record of the number of uses of the device (also for payroll processing purposes) – automatically

 Custom system adjustments:

  • confirmation of the condition of the breathing apparatus – by employees directly on the machine (IVM)
  • color differentiation of buttons for easier user orientation (IVM)



Prior to the system’s installation, our operation involved six employees working in three continuous shifts to ensure the proper dispense and upkeep of the breathing apparatus.


Post-installation, we have streamlined this process significantly, now requiring only four employees on morning shifts seven days a week, which brought the calculation of Return on Investment to only 2 years.

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