When it comes to micrologistics, even the last meter counts! Enjoy improved efficiency, cost optimization, reduction, and a range of additional benefits!

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  • Micrologistics of goods, services, and people
  • One system, multiple options

Complementary to the optimization of in-company logistics, there is only one more step to optimize: increase the efficiency of your micrologistics, your last meter distribution.

Companies have long been using just in time, lean and kaizen methods however many of them have so far ignored what happens at the last pace.

Use IVM’s vending machines and micrologistics solutions to increase the efficiency in distribution and small asset management.

Introduce the concept of shared asset use and lifecycle management in order to deploy financial and organizational benefits as well as keep environmental considerations in the focus of your operation.

Range of benefits

IVM’s solutions in micrologistics help you increase efficiency, make the transparent and documented elements of the last step of distribution even more transparent and traceable.

The human contact-free solutions support your efforts increasing the safety of your colleagues. No more long queues, no more long minutes of waiting.

The 24/7 availability does not only reduces the manpower required for micro-distribution but within reasonable limitations required for personal or operational aspects, lets the choice of when to take or return items and small assets up to the individuals.

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