IVM offers you the possibility to take advantage of the „Machine-as-a-Service” solution, the rental deal. Learn more about our services and contact us!
  • Various Payment Plans
  • For Vending machines & other solutions
  • Enjoy the benefits right away!

OPEX vs. CAPEX? Service vs. Capital investment?

IVM offers you the possibility to take advantage of the „Machine-as-a-Service” solution, the rental deal. Why making a capital investment, when, by paying the rental fees monthly lets you start achieving the benefits of cost-saving, process improvement, and dozens of other advantages?

Choose the rental fee pre-payment option (annual prepayment) or sign up for 2 or 3 years and enjoy additional savings. The rental fee includes everything you need to operate the machine – we will take care of the rest (conditions apply).

Need to maintain increased flexibility of a “Machine-as-a-Service”?

The “no commitment” option lets you use the IVM vending machines and all the other solution, SaveBox, SaveReturn, SaveRing, etc. and return the machine at your discretion (conditions apply).

Ask for a quotation for the configuration you co-designed together with your IVM Solutions Consultant for a simple configuration or for one including multiple auxiliary options. As we believe that there is no “one fits all” solution, IVM offers a highly customisable rental package.

Beyond the Price

How much can I save?

How much efficiency increase can I achieve?

These are the very questions, our most successful and satisfied customers have asked at their project initiation meetings.

The cost of “Machine-as-a-Service” will always remain fractional and immediately obtainable of the resource and operational cost saving achieved.

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What if I have an operational issue?

You simply submit an online issue report to the Customer Service Center, where an IVM professional will either assist you online or contact you for further clarification and provide you the proposed solution thereafter.

What happens, if I think a vending solution is what I need but I do not know how to get started?

Simply contact us using the online form and a Solution Consultant will get back to you to assist you to uncover your needs and provide you with a suggestion.

What if I have a micrologistics related problem and I do not know how to handle it?

Contact us using the online form and a Solution Consultant will talk to you to learn about the problem, provide you with possible solution options, and support you throughout the decision making process.