Life Cycle Management

Monitor the Life or Use Cycle of tools, assets, and make smart repair, replacement, or write-off decisions using IVM’s SaveLog software! Learn more!
  • Address environmental considerations
  • Make Smart decisions
  • Think “End-To-End”

Make smart maintenance and replacement decisions, as well as smart procurement decisions using the use/life-cycle management concept introduced by IVM’s proprietary SaveLog software!

We offer an innovative approach to stock management and purchases. Keep track of the service intervals and the warranty period of the machine tools your colleagues are using.

Why buy excess stock and not rent/share a smartly created stock of items?

Be even more environmentally conscious without a fraction of extra efforts by managing the use/lifecycle of consumables.

One of IVM’s overarching value proposition elements is that we ”contribute to fewer items ending up in landfills”.

Use a SavePro vending machine to vend, a SaveBox to dispense, and a SaveReturn to selectively recollect the used, contaminated consumables.

Create a closed, “end-to-end” system with IVM!

Overarching Responsibility

For IVM it has always been important to make an impact.

As we have become the operator of 2 600 vending machines and other machines powered by IVM’s preparatory software, SaveLog, and turned them into complex or end-to-end solutions addressing the need to achieve efficiencies in the supply chain, we need to take more responsibility!

As a commitment, we introduced the Environmental Line, a unique solution to make our contribution to environmental consciousness – with you, our partners. It is based on the concept of life-cycle management and the ultimate goal: “ensure that less waste ends up in landfills.

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