Achieve better results by integrating IVM’s micrologistics solutions into your current ERP/SAP systems! Learn more about how we can work together!

Integrate IVM’s micrologistics solutions into your current processes!

The success of the implementation of the automated solution delivered by an IVM vending machine and/or any other solution powered by SaveLog requires taking a step back and revising the current, non-automated or semi-automated processes and replacing or supplementing them with new ones.

These processes need to be known to future users and instructions shall be given on how to comply with them.

IVM’s Solution Consultants are ready to consult you based on experiences gained from past use cases as well as gained through the initial project development phase and will offer you valuable insights into how SaveLog will impact your organization’s efficiency.

Go a step forward and not only use the built-in or customized reports available in SaveLog but integrate SaveLog with your ERP/SAP system through the API or using an EDI interface.

IVM’s professionals will consult you on how to simply implement it by sharing all relevant information your authorized ERP/SAP system developer may need.

As a result, you will be able to eliminate the manual-intervention-based processing of the reports and will be able to achieve productivity gains of other, non-direct SaveLog users.

When it’s done, you do not only achieve Return on Investment on the efficiency gains delivered by the machines, but by generating incremental ROI by cutting the resource costs of other departments/processes.

The Future

SaveLog Smart will elevate the level of integration to be achieved with the completely re-factored, all-new SaveLog.

Stand-alone or integrated through the designated interface, SaveLog Smart will offer you a dashboard to make instant decisions and graphically visualize the changes, the transactions in the system.

The new SaveLog Smart development concept will expand the scope and interpretation of micrologistics to include additional aspects of last-meter distribution.

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What if I have an operational issue?

You simply submit an online issue report to the Customer Service Center, where an IVM professional will either assist you online or contact you for further clarification and provide you the proposed solution thereafter.

What happens, if I think a vending solution is what I need but I do not know how to get started?

Simply contact us using the online form and a Solution Consultant will get back to you to assist you to uncover your needs and provide you with a suggestion.

What if I have a micrologistics related problem and I do not know how to handle it?

Contact us using the online form and a Solution Consultant will talk to you to learn about the problem, provide you with possible solution options, and support you throughout the decision making process.