Request IVM to customize the hardware, set up the software, or develop a tailor-made process in SaveLog! Get in touch, learn more about our solutions!
  • Versatile hardware configurations
  • User-Specific software settings
  • Tailor-made software features

Hardware customization

While each vending machine or any other solution/machine, SaveBox, SaveFlex, SaveReTurn may look alike from the outside, IVM offers a high degree of customization.

Why? Simply, because we feel that there is no „one fits all” solution.

Hence, we ask for product samples, historical, expected/planned transaction numbers by article types as well as other goals and objectives you wish to achieve.

Each machine is custom-built, custom configured.

Software customization

No two corporates are identical.

Therefore, IVM offers high customizability in its proprietary SaveLog System as well as in the user interface.

The database, dozens of parameters, the alerts and notifications, the reporting – all can be customized.

Many of these tailor-made settings can be done by your staff operating the SaveLog System (training available), while others are set by an IVM professional.

Tailor-Made SaveLog

Do not find SaveLog matching all major process requirements, which you are unable to change?

No issues, as IVM’s customization team is ready to discuss your specific development needs to be developed.

Should the logic of the solution be complementary to the core SaveLog logic, we do the development for you!

Call For Quote:

+37 70 123 4567

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What if I have an operational issue?

You simply submit an online issue report to the Customer Service Center, where an IVM professional will either assist you online or contact you for further clarification and provide you the proposed solution thereafter.

What happens, if I think a vending solution is what I need but I do not know how to get started?

Simply contact us using the online form and a Solution Consultant will get back to you to assist you to uncover your needs and provide you with a suggestion.

What if I have a micrologistics related problem and I do not know how to handle it?

Contact us using the online form and a Solution Consultant will talk to you to learn about the problem, provide you with possible solution options, and support you throughout the decision making process.