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“In SKODA AUTO the vending machine SavePro is used for vending accessories for business mobile phones. Thanks to this machine, we were able to speed up the process of delivering the goods to the users and by settings limits, we have removed the administrative burden of superior employees. The solution from IVM was selected due to the use of the API interface, which allows automatic updates of users data and resultant exports to accounting systems.” 

Jiří Karbulka, Mobile devices users IT support

 Berner Ges.m.b.H

“With IVM Vending Solutions we are able to fulfill some of our customer needs with regards to the flexible supply of products. It provides the optimal solution of flexible product supply, cost control, 24/7, and automated integration of reordering. Another step for us and our customers into the area of automation and digitalization.”

Thomas Höllbacher, Director of Marketing

 Brammer Romania SR

“One of the main reasons why we chose IVM is due to the reliability of the machines and their very short response time in the case of any service. They allow us to provide to our customers the continuity of production by delivering MRO or PPE items always on time. Also, the range of products and services that IVM offers can satisfy the needs of any customer!”

Francisc Marculeac , Key Account Manager

Romsafe Trade SRL

“We chose IVM and we were right! We have been working together for over 7 years and we would not want to change that. Thanks to IVM machines, it was easier to secure our relationship with customers and to have a considerable advantage over competitors. IVM machines have proven to be reliable and superior to other vending machines, therefore, we never regret the choice we’ve made.”

Sebastian Strete, Director General

SC Godman SRL

“We are very satisfied with the IVM automats, we had no problems with them, and we appreciate the Romanian team for the seriousness and speed with which they treat our requests.

It is a very important thing, today when everybody is on fast forward mode… The automats have helped us to build loyalty and stabilize the business with our clients.

Thank you, IVM Romanian team!”

Romulus Onita, Managing Director

Brose Prievidza, spol. s r. o.

“Thanks to machines SavePro2 from IVM we were able to decrease consumption of protective gloves as well as to simplify and streamline their distribution process. Protective gloves are available for employees 24 hours 7 days a week, without the necessity to commit funds in redundant stock. This solution provided us with 100 % consumption control – employees use only the type of protective gloves and in an amount according to their job classification.”

Katarína Kohútová, Human Resources

KROK CZ, v.o.s.

“Communication and issue solving are always quick and precise. Together we can always find a suitable solution also for more demanding customers. IVM provides products and services on a high level of quality.”

Mr. Jakub Ježík, Head of PPE Vending Machines Department

Aalberts Surface Treatment Kft.

“The reason we chose this vending machine was the increased consumption of the gloves, which was a very good decision on our part. We are completely satisfied with the automata, the consumption is vastly reduced, the support colleagues’ attitude is maximal, they are very helpful. I’m glad that I can work with colleagues of IVM Zrt.”

Andrea Vakán, Purchasing

ARMOS Services

“Why to choose IVM? Because they are professionals! A project with vending machines does not only mean the physical machine, it incorporates a lot of know-how that makes the machines functional, customizing them according to the client’s needs. And the support offered by IVM both before and after installation makes them a reliable partner!”

Aurelia Maria Pop, Director Comercial

Leading pharmaceutical company


“The carefully designed setup and refined logic of the SavePro system offers much more than its users would ask for in the first place. The helpful development team at IVM Zrt answered questions which have not even been formulated by their potential clients.”

ZB, Manager

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