An intelligent terminal powered by SaveLog, lets your associates request tools and assets as they needed, to deliver to the warehouse for pick-up or collection. Learn more!

Benefits and Key Features:

  • Enhances the notion of personal safety
  • Boosts cost saving as it is decentralized
  • Customizable, hence it is truly yours

SaveTerminal – Virtual vending

“Virtual Vending”, an intelligent terminal, powered by SaveLog, placed in various corners of the company lets your associates request or pre-order the very tool or asset to be delivered to the warehouse for collection or the preferred point of collection. SaveTerminal runs on a special display, placed anywhere in the company where the highest flow of colleagues makes it most accessible.

Once logged in, you will see those products only, which you are required or authorized to use. You will either need to pre-book or pre-order them. You either walk to the designated warehouse or to the preferred point of collection at the given/required time to pick up the item selected. The item will already await you without having to queue up at a storage room or the IT department for pre-ordering.

The consumption of a product is tracked, monitored, and can be linked to a project/department or organizational unit. The solution is ideal for corporates with multiple locations as well as for businesses occupying huge spaces, where the first saving originates from the lack of need for having to walk long distances to contact a warehouse or IT department twice. That is it! Fast and simple.

What does Virtual Vending offer?

  • Integrated into the SaveLog system, thereby requires setting up the user database once only
  • The terminals located across the most easily accessible and multiple areas in your company let your colleagues feel safe by not having to queue up
  • If integrated with an ERP system, corporate-wide, multi-departmental benefits are offered through streamlined and automated processes.


  • The core SaveLog functionalities, ordering, dispense are available
  • Standard and custom reports for management and administration are generated for making smart supply-chain and micrologistical decisions
  • Multilanguage software and control panel interface
  • Applicable for utilizing the company or individual-level based restrictions
  • Connectivity Local server, 3G/4G network, Mixed VPN-Local closed network, SaveNetwork (VPN), IVM cloud

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