SaveRing is the "all-in-one" type of machine addressing the reservation, dispensing, renting/sharing, and return functions of up to 540 unique items. Learn more about SaveRing!

Benefits and Key Features:

  • Ideal for multiple industries with different use cases
  • Managing up to 540 different products
  • Countless customisation options

The SaveRing

The 3:1 solution for users, where space is a scarcity. The operating concept of the patented 3:1 SaveRing is cantered around combining 3 core functions in one machine, custom made for the handling of up to 540 articles. Perfect for manufacturers, supply chain, or ICT segment players, SaveRing makes human-contact free transactions easy, be them the vending or dispensing of single-use items, or transactions relating to smart asset management or use/life cycle management.

Planning to automate the last meter logistics, but you use or work with liquids or fragile, heavier items? Then SaveRing is an ideal solution, as the items do not drop down into the receiving bin!

Example products to use with SaveRing:

Cordless tools
Electronic equipment
Professional tools
Medical equipment

What does the SaveRing offer?

  • Extremely versatile product-storage capability and layout options (for managing up to 540 items), which result in countless customization options to meet your needs
  • Configuration options by position allowing addressing the different use cases in one machine
  • Reservation/pre-booking of items before their intended use up to 30 days ahead using the user-friendly touch screen
  • Handling of liquids, fragile or heavy items, which enlarge the portfolio of items to be managed in one SaveLog
  • Easy to refill concept using color codes as well as simple-to-access method to handle returned items in case of damage, malfunction, or error
  • Human-contact free availability 24/7

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