SaveRent System

SaveRent is a solution using the concept of sharing. Why should you keep an excess level of inventories of tools and equipment when you can share it among your peers?

Benefits and Key Features:

  • Change the way you approach small asset and tool utilization
  • Increase your environmental consciousness
  • Customized to fit your needs

The SaveRent/SaveShare System

A unique concept of asset management: why have excess inventory of multiple, rarely used items assigned to your peers, when they can be shared?

The environmentally conscious concept of the SaveRent/SaveShare System lets to have a minimum level of assets of the selected items. Get your colleagues to pre-book a tool or equipment, use it when and up until needed then have them returned! The peer next in line will get a notification on the availability of the tool or equipment and the cycle starts again. Extend your SaveRent/SaveShare System by adding multiple lockers, SaveBoxes, and operate a customized system to enjoy the benefits we bring to you.

Need to use battery-operated devices? Ask for the built-in charging option and leave the rest to IVM’s proprietary SaveLog System: the item will only be available if fully charged and is in safe operating condition.

Example products to rent from SaveRent:

Medical equipment
Power tools
Professional equipment
Measurement tools
Tool kits

What does the SaveRent/SaveShare System offer?

  • Smart asset management achieved through an optimized level of inventory
  • Through tracking use/life cycle time and warranty expiry dates, the system automatically ensures that the safest and highest quality items are used by your peers
  • Easy pick up using a selected method of identification and simple-to-use multilingual user interface
  • Automated alerts, notifications, reports to the designated peers in case of pre-set criteria
  • Monitoring of the true costs of processes, actions, and events
  • Increased control and accountability for mal-function or damage brought from departmental to the individual level

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