SavePro Family

IVM’s flagship vending machine is designed to deliver immediate cost-reduction. Take the first step in the optimization of last meter logistics! Contact us and get a quote today!

Benefits and key features:

  • Reduces costs through traceability
  • Boosts agility through 24/7 availability
  • Takes up to 2100 items close to where used

The SavePro machine family

IVM’s helix-based vending machine, the core product to deliver cost reduction by virtue of installation is probably the first to make in changing the in-house, last meter logistics. Not only your peers will become more conscious of how much they consume or use but owing to the minor process change in tracking and monitoring, the true costs of projects or departments will be immediately visible.

Be your enterprise in virtually any industry or segment, a SavePro machine, powered by IVM’s proprietary SaveLog System is the right choice for process optimization and drawing the inherent benefits.

Product examples for vending:

Rubber gloves
Wet wipes
Safety gloves
Duct tapes
Saw blades
External drives
PC peripherals
Drill bits
Hand tools

What does a SavePro offer?

  • Virtually all time availability through access in 24/7
  • Reduced consumption or item use through traceability tracking and monitoring
  • Personalized, real-time change of access rights and multiple other parameters
  • Easy pick up using a pick-up code or any other method of identification (Conditions apply)
  • Automated reports and notifications to refillers, line managers, or designated personnel
  • Changing the way how you think of micro-logistics of up to 2100 items
  • Extension and integration with other IVM powered machines and solutions
  • Multilingual, easy-to-use user interface

Comparison of types by function

Storeroom typeDispenseDispense One time rightScalingRentReturn back (function)SaveReTurn
SavePro 2YesNoNoNoNoYes
SavePro 2 + SaveBoxYesNoYesNoNoYes
SavePro 3YesNoNoNoNoYes
SavePro 3 + SaveBoxYesNoYesNoNoYes
SavePro 4YesNoNoNoNoNo
SavePro 4 + SaveBoxYesYesNoYesYesNo
SavePro 2SavePro 3SavePro 4
Manual anti-theft plateElectric anti-theft plateElectric anti-theft plate
Light signal on the doorLight signal on the door
Built in controllerBuilt in controllerSide Control Unit

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